[:|] robot frog

Here's some big pixellated images to decorate your desktop with. They're available in a variety of sizes, and go great with robot frog icons. Most of the images are in the super-cool GIF or JPEG formats, so they work just fine on both Macs (yay!) and PCs (eww).


Having trouble finding the arrow cursor on you big bright monitor? Try this baby on for size.

JPEG: 640x480 | 800x600 | 832x624 | 1024x768


This classy gentlemouse knows what he wants and how to get it.

GIF: 640x480 | 800x600 | 832x624 | 1024x768


All by himself, one little pixellated raincloud does his best to help the grass grow.

GIF: 640x480 | 800x600 | 832x624 | 1024x768


What better way is there to show that you've slain Morgoth than by proudly sporting genuine Angband themed icons? Well, by using the matching desktop of course!

GIF: 640x480 | 800x600 | 832x624 | 1024x768


This desktop, finely crafted to match the icons, will show your friends that you are on the move and really going somewhere.

GIF: 640x480 | 800x600 | 832x624 | 1024x768


You've rearranged your entire lifestyle to match those cute little caffeinated quackers, now your desktop can fit in too! Each set includes a desktop pic for every duck.

Mac: 640x480 | 832x624 | 1024x768

Retro Blaster

Finally a desktop to make your Mac look like a hip 80's arcade game. Match it with the icon set of the same name for maximum warp speed.

GIF: 640x480 | 832x624 | 1024x768

Blue Cube

It's just a big pixellated blue cube. But it's pretty.

GIF: 640x480 | 832x624 | 1024x768


The first robot frog icon blown up to otherworldly intergalactic proportions.

GIF: 640x480 | 832x624 | 1024x768

Robot Frog (Old School)

Show your undying loyalty to this site, in the original tropicana copacabana color scheme.

GIF: 640x480 | 832x624 | 1024x768

Robot Frog (New Style)

Or demonstrate your fashion sense with the new(ish) chic look.

GIF: 640x480 | 832x624 | 1024x768

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